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Crossway has just published a major new collection of essays from an international team of top-flight scholars on the historicity of Scripture and.
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Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith?

Sparks believes that the way forward is for a chastened, progressive evangelicalism to follow his lead in rejecting the shibboleth of inerrancy, acknowledging the legitimacy of certain claims of the skeptics, and positioning itself better to receive conclusions drawn by critical scholars. In so doing, evangelicals may gain the right to approach the discussion table of accredited scholars, yet without jettisoning their faith altogether. The book itself is the outgrowth of a colloquium panel by the Old Testament faculty at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School p.

The organizational format of the book includes four major sections. Mark Thompson draws upon five theological pillars p.

Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith?

James Hoffmeier points out that biblical theology necessarily relates to historical reality, with the sojourn- wilderness-exodus story as the defining event of OT theology, and demonstrates that each subsequent section of the canon builds on this truth claim. Michael Haykin then shows how for Irenaeus the gospel message of the apostles was consonant with the historical truth claims of Scripture p. Jens Bruun Kofoed argues that disparity between the accounts of Deuteronomic history versus Chronicles is best attributed to the differing cultural memories and community needs of separate historical contexts.

Darrell Bock studies a number of differences between the Synoptic Gospels, advising that one account may reflect general accuracy while its parallel may have greater precision, and that this neither compromises compatibility nor implies error.

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Eckhard Schnabel challenges the view commonly held among critics that the Pastoral epistles are pseudonymous. As with most works that are compilations of essays by differing authors, there is considerable variation here. Some essays are strained and less than persuasive, some seem to address issues that are less crucial to the case. Wheaton: Crossway, Many advances have been made in the last few decades by critical scholars of the Bible, especially in the area of the Old Testament.

With the rise of postmodernism and the slow move away from modernism, we live in an age when even the critical scholars themselves are split between following the traditional critical methods of modernism, or the more literary analysis of postmodernism. At the request by many for these talks to be produced in published form, James Hoffmeier and Dennis Magary have compiled those talks, along with articles requested by some of the leading scholars in the Evangelical field, into this present book.

In the preface of the book, the purpose of this work is summarized well:.

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This book is an invaluable resource for anyone entering into or currently in biblical studies, especially with the age of criticism that we find ourselves in today. Mark D. Thompson DPhil, University of Oxford is the principal of Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia, and head of the department of theology, philosophy, and ethics. Convert currency.

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A Critical Appraisal of Modern and Postmodern Approaches to Scripture

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